How to Enhance Music Listening Experience In iTunes [7 Tips]

Learn How to Enhance Music Listening Experience In iTunes.


Music has become a part of the computer. Almost everyone has a collection of music on his computer. When looking to get the silence in the crowd workplace or café, the only ways is putting earphones and play a song.

OS X and Windows users have been given an application to play music which they have owned. iTunes, as well as an online store to get apps and music, are also able to play a song with its rich features.

You can take some simple steps to improve the experience of enjoying music.

  1. Turn on Sound Check that iTunes always play a song at the same volume. Because each song can vary the level of volume due to the influence of processing and compression techniques, lighting can ensure you that not feel tired because of the change in volume that often happens. You can find this option in ‘Preferences> Playback’.
  2. Switching tracks with Crossfade Songs smooth transition that occurs between one song to another song. Crossfade lower the volume at the end of the song followed by raising volumen for the next song. Especially for you who often listen to many songs, this option can eliminate the void and sudden changes between tracks. Crossfade options can also be found in the ‘Playback Preferences’.
  3. Playing a Preset Equalizer can make to get better sound quality. Here is a preset that is generally used of people.
  4. Determining Preset Equalizer per album. Quite tiring to implement this step. But remember there are people who do not mind to get the best music experience, you can specify the equalizer presets per album. To turn on this option by selecting the album in iTunes and press ⌘ + i in the tab ‘Options’.
  5. Using plug-ins. Examples of plugins that I’ve used is the DPS Plug-In for Mac in iTunes are created by Bongiovi Acoustics . Plug-In is able to improve the sound quality by digitally adjusting.
  6. Bring it to the desktop to display the song that is being played. Some applications facilitate control iTunes in performing rating and skip tracks. CoverSutra and Bowtie are 2 applications that can make your desktop more beautiful with no album cover of the song being played.
  7. Make sure the track is not tampered quality compression techniques. Whether you are already experienced in the matter of the audio or just need music to fill the silence when running activities, always make sure the songs are in good quality and not go through the process that lowers the quality of the song. In this case the song is a compression technique.
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If you have any question leave it below. Enjoy the music!


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