How to Fix Wifi Connection Issues in iOS 7.1.2

Learn How to Fix Wifi Connection Issues in iOS 7.1.2.

Apple released the latest stable version of the iOS some weeks ago, the users of iPad and iPhone are reportedly having problems with the internet connection via WiFi networks, especially after updating to iOS 7.1.2.If you have also experienced this, try our tips to get it fixed.

1. Contact Your Network Administrator

The usual first step is to ask the internet connection administrator, ask them if it was no interruption in the internet connection. Some of the users managed to overcome by simply restarting the iDevice – turn the device iOS by pressing the power button and then do the Slide to Power Off, after some time, then turn on again.

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2. Re-Join the Network


After trying to restart the iOS device and contacting the network admin but the problem does not go away. In iOS device go to Settings app> choose the WiFi network you use. Tap the icon “i” in a circle to get into the information. Tap Forget this Network text to delete records from the device IOS network. And try to join the network again.

3. Reset All Network Settings


If the above methods do not work, the third step that you can try is to delete all network settings. Keep in mind after trying this method you must re-enter a security code to any WiFi network you’ve ever used before. Here are the steps to reset the entire network:

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Open the Settings app> General> Reset. Select the text and press the Reset Network Settings. This setting will only delete all records passwords and settings related to the network – will not erase the data on the iPad and iPhone is yours.

4. Restore iOS devices

It could be a problem connecting to a WiFi network it can occurred because of the iOS update process is less than perfect, because it was a last choice you can take is to do a restore.


You can fix your problem by following the above steps, if you have any problem leave a comment below.

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