How to Turn off the Music with Timer on iPhone and iPad

Read our Article and learn, How to Turn off the Music with Timer on iPhone and iPad.

How to Turn off the Music with Timer on iPhone and iPad?  Who likes to listen to music before sleep using an iPhone or iPad? Well, how you can turn off the music automatically when you get asleep? It’s easy, without the need to installing any additional applications. This feature is available natively in the iOS 7. Follow the steps to learn how you can turn music off automatically:

  1. Play your favorite songs using the Music app.
  2. Close the application by pressing the home button, and then look for the Clock application.
  3. Open the Clock application and then select Timer tab at the bottom right.
  4. Set the time you want, for example 2 hours.
  5. Now tap on When Timer Ends and choose Stop Playing. That is, after the countdown timer is running, the application Clock will stop playing music.
  6. Now you can just press the Start button, then countdown will be activated.
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Now the music played will stopped when the timer is stopped, after time you specify. This method is helpful to conserve the battery usage iOS usual you use to play music in the evenings. In addition, the sense of hearing we can also come to rest better when it’s asleep.

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