How to Use the DualShock 4 Controller Wirelessly With the PS3

Learn How to Use the DualShock 4 Controller Wirelessly With the PS3

One of the major drawbacks of the generation gap in video game consoles has been the lack of backwards compatibility in almost every way possible, but apparently this could change with various updates, like the one discovered now by a Reddit user. Reddit user Shafiggy16 discovered what could be a mistake or secret feature in the latest update of the PS3 operating system, which lets you wirelessly synchronize PS4 control with your old console. By getting the attention of users, Shafiggy16 explained in more detail the steps:

  • First console updated to version 4.60
  • In “Accessory settings”, select “Manage Bluetooth Devices” and then “Register New Device” and start scanning
  • While the PS3 is on exploration, hold the share button and PS button of the DualShock 4 while until it starts flashing.
  • At that moment the DualShock 4 will appear on the PS3 as a “compatible control”
  • Once selected, the registration is completed.

Shafiggy16 also commented that it maintains to control only the basic functions of the controller, so the six-axis, vibration and PS button does not work. And although we know that the controls of PS4 are compatible via USB to the console generation ago, this update / Secret function is to draw attention because it could mean two things: it is a simple error or that the people at Sony are considering further compatibility between both consoles. You what they say?


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