Tips to increase battery back up life of electronic devices

battery life
These are 18 best tips to improve battery life of your electronic devices like Laptop, Tablets. Enable this tips and get better backup.

Most of the electronic devices like laptop, mobile phone, tablets and other rechargeable devices have a good battery backup at the start. But, the later performance of battery degrades as we keep on using these devices. So here are some tips you may have to follow for maintaining battery backup of your electronic devices for long.

Simply follow these tips and you will notice better battery performance:

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  • Tip #1: Use Li-Ion batteries with internal processors which control the internal temperature to make sure the batteries don’t get over heated/explode and are easy to manage.
  • Tip #2: If you don’t use your laptop for a continuous period it’s recommended to remove your batteries completely from the laptop and add it back when you plan to use it. Even if it’s not using the device, the battery drains therefore you should completely remove it and store in a cool place and at a 40% charge rather than 100% charge.
  • Tip #3: Use power management features offered by your laptop which would make the computer run at lower processor speeds when the power is down and automatically manage the complete system.
  • Tip #4: When you are using your laptop on battery make sure you set your display to lower brightness using the FN key combination. This would help you to use the lower battery and get a better backup. The display system takes 33% of your available battery and lower brightness would ensure you more battery life.
  • Tip #5: Settings up Automatic Hibernate feature to make sure the laptop automatically saves all your running documents and applications and hibernates when you are not using the laptop for a given amount of time. A Feature which can save up your battery life when you are not using your laptop for a set specified time after which it automatically hibernates.
  • Tip #6: Stop playing Music/Videos while the laptop is running on a battery because this can drain your batteries quickly and offer you a lower uptime. This is because while you run any of these kinds of applications your inbuilt sound speakers would drain huge amount of battery and instead you can use earphones to listen to music while running on battery because this uses very less amount of battery.
  • Tip #7: It’s recommended to completely Mute or Turn off Sound because even though you don’t play any music/videos the laptop would make different kinds of sounds when you close/open any applications because of the sound scheme setup in your Windows.
  • Tip #8: When you are running your laptop only on batteries than avoid running multiple applications because even though your laptop can support huge applications at the same time because of the heavy configuration like processor, RAM etc it eats battery. so, you need to make sure you close all the applications which are not in use.
  • Tip #9: WI-FI and Bluetooth should be turned off when not in use because it drains your laptop battery in search of signals and wireless router. You can use the hardware switch available in the laptop’s side to disable your WI-FI or disable it from the Network Connections option available under your control panel.
  • Tip #10: Disable Aero Glass Feature which comes pre-installed in Windows Vista. You need to right click on your desktop > preferences > View Color > Appearance >Classic Appearance and Windows Basic graphical interface > ok , this way you can get the classic appearance which has less resource using features and helps you use less battery.
  • Tip #11: Avoid Using CD/DVD Drives while running your laptop on batteries because they drain your laptop battery heavily and would lead to lower backup time. These drives spin at high speeds and need a good amount of power to complete their process.
  • Tip #12: Defragment your hard disk drive regularly to make sure it processes everything quickly and this in turn leads to lower hard disk spins and less power usage. If you don’t Defragment your hard disk then the laptop would have slow loading programs and frozen applications.
  • Tip #13: Uninstalling useless software’s and applications which are running in the background, because these applications would use your notebook’s resources and drain its battery. Removing them if not necessary would be the best measure.
  • Tip #14: Try to maintain your laptop stay cool with a laptop cooling pad or playing it on a cooler area rather than on your laps or bed because that way it can get heated easily and laptops operate efficiently when they are cooler.
  • Tip #15: Run low resource using applications like emails, documenting etc rather than playing games, DVD, running high resource using applications likes adobe Photoshop, 3Dmax, Visual Basic.Net etc because when you run these kinds of applications the laptop has to run on high resources and use more battery.
  • Tip #16: Use low graphics mode for display that is by changing your windows display theme to the most simple/classic one. In case of Windows XP, you need to go to Display Properties > Theme > Windows Classic > Apply and also disable your screensaver.
  • Tip #17: Disable any connected USB Gadgets like external hard drives, pen drives etc because even though they are not in use, when they are connected they keep using your laptop’s battery via the USB 2.0 port. Disabling and disconnecting them would increase your laptop’s battery.
  • Tip #18: Clean your battery regularly to make sure its contacts are clean and the battery works more efficiently.
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If you follow these tips, then definitely you will get better performance and battery life of your laptops and mobiles devices. If you have any other tips, then feel free to comment below.

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