Your iPhone will know if you smoked marijuana or you are pregnant

Your iPhone can help you to detect diseases before the doctor.

In short, your iPhone will know if you have diabetes or are pregnant , before that you know. Also, if you’ve taken drugs or if you suffer from certain diseases.

Save the prospect of a visit to the clinic and give an urine test and interpret the results which is closer to becoming reality. The possibility that your mother or your partner know if you’ve been smoking marijuana, too …

And is that your iPhone is about to become your special nurse, thanks to a portable kit called Scanaflo , which lets you analyze your urine at any place and situation, because all it requires is a small plastic card and your iPhone.

Scanaflo is a small plastic sample containing different reagents. Scanadu, the creator of the invention ensures that you can put reagents that are required, although in this first version there are 12 different . The card is dipped into the urine and, upon contact with reagents, makes them change color . We just have to wait a minute.

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The color change is what makes the levels of glucose, protein, leukocytes, nitrite, blood, bilirrubuna, creatinine, ketone, pH and other compounds.

Then just point the camera at the QR code of mobile card, for an app to scan the colors of reagents and chemical levels that are obtained.


The app will interpret these values ​​and will offer the conclusions derived from them. You will know if you are pregnant, if you are diabetic or if you have taken drugs or if a certain medicine is making you effect.

Scanadu plans to connect the app to your doctor to send you the results instantly, if necessary. Ensures making you an analysis of this type every so often detect diseases before they become serious and may even prevent it.

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Scanaflo, the urine test kit for the iPhone still has no release date, but we are evaluating their marketing.

The company is also about to launch Scanadu Scout or as they call it, the first tricorder history, as it will detect heart rate, blood pressure, stress and other medical data by simply placing a few seconds in front.

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