Kano: a kit of hardware and open source software to build your own PC

Want to Learn how a PC works from the outside in working with logic blocks, Raspberry Pi, and Linux.Then Kano is the answer.

Kano is a kit designed for children from 7 years to learn how to build a PC for themselves and in turn understand and learn programming simple and intuitive way: as a game latching block .

The first prototype was built in January 2013 as part of the attempt to make Raspberry Pi more accessible to users.The prototype was tested successfully in schools in London, India and Africa after which they released a draft crowfunding to enable the official launch, with which raised more than a million and a half dollars, thereby turning on the project more funds raised in kickstarter in record time.


Kit with screen

Wrapped in a beautiful package, the kit contains:

  • Core Raspberry Pi : ARM 700MHz CPU and 512MB RAM
  • Keyboard with integrated touchpad that works via bluetooth, wifi and usb. From lightweight design allows it to be used as a keyboard or video game control
  • Two books ,one with assembly instructions and one with the basics of programming in a narrative format with bright illustrations and simple
  • Casing customizable
  • Device to connect WiFi
  • Talking to arm
  • SD Memory : 8GB Sandisk Ultra Capacity.
  • Cables : HDMI includes necessary to connect the system to a display cable, USB connectors, universal plug
  • Stickers! Many Stickers!
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All components are designed with color-coded so that it is simple, intuitive and fun.


Kano Screenshot

The operating system based on Debian linux and is designed especially for children.The Kano OS can be downloaded for free.

It includes several applications that will generate levels as the child modify the codes of games like snake,tennis and minecraft in a program called Kano Blocks, which is a graphical interface as modified blocks actually produce codes in Python .

In addition to games, the system has pre-installed for entertainment and multimedia applications can access download more applications thanks to the WiFi and compatibility of.deb packages.

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A detail no less: the kit is priced at one hundred forty-nine US dollars, making it very convenient for a special gift for children of the house (or our inner child).

A new generation

Kano not only answers the question: What’s inside a computer? but also about children and large didactic and simple programming language.It is not as simple end users trained to use certain tools so established computers, but children can build their own “castle” from blocks and capable of adapting tools to their creativity available.

This is how the forces of open source, simplicity, creativity and economic convenience come together to achieve the goal of a new generation increasingly less dependent on user manuals and closer to a use technology friendly and intuitive .

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