Kinematics Dress : A 3D printed dress

The Kinematics Dress is a kinetic model, is not rigid, the movement is from a normal tissue that is made using 3D printing technology.

Even the fashion can’t resists the convenience provided by the famous 3D printers. It is not the first time that specific parts of some designs made ​​through this type of printing in three dimensions, however it is the first time featured a dress made ​​full with the 3D printer.

Dress Kinematics, as they call, well this dress comes from the hand of the company Nervous System which has designed in one piece, formed by small parties engaged by pins triangle. Being so big the garment has not been printed along so had to be printed in block.This could happen through the development of the software tool Kinematics but has allowed the construction of a more ductile dress that mimics the movement of which would be a woven, away from the rigidity that characterizes the 3D impressions.


In the process of creating Kinematics Dress which has been done virtually and once designers agree with the result, using algorithms dress is divided into triangles of different sizes that will make up the “fabric” of the garment, culminating in the printing process.

The making of the dress was closely followed by designers and professionals who have been involved in the process of 3D printing. For those who want to get one of these items still have to wait because even the clothes are not for sale, but with the application Cinematics Cloth, can make their own designs.

This innovation in the world of fashion has captivated the Museum of Modern Art and Kinematics Dress will be calculated automatically in its permanent collection.

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