Lenovo website has been hacked by LizardSquad

Lenovo's official website was hacked for some time and it was thought to be done by the recent hacking sensation LizardSquad.

The official website of Lenovo has apparently been hacked by the group known as LizardSquad (yes, the same that continue to bother launching DDoS attacks to Xbox Live and PSN). Right now if you try to access Lenovo.com all you see on screen will be a photo slideshow of a boy about 15 years disguised in a wig and background a song from High School Musical. Completely ridiculous and funny.

Possibly the reason for the attack is to punish Lenovo for including adware on their computers , as we saw recently with the controversy of Superfish. We can not assure that the LizardSquad group is responsible, because they have not yet taken credit for the attack, but if you read the description of the website, the text “LizardCircle” without anything for now.

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The site seems to have returned to normal in a few minutes, and although Lenovo has quickly responded to what possibly was an unsophisticated attack, officials probably served their purpose of ridiculing the brand for a little while.

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  1. Kenny Cannon says:

    “The Lenovo site you are attempting to access is currently unavailable due to system maintenance.
    Please try the site again in a few minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create.” lol

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