Integrate Google Webmaster Tools data with Google Analytics

Link Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics
Linking Google Analytics with Google Webmaster tools will help to know clicks and organic traffic driven keywords at you website.

Google Analytics help in tracking the visitors and checking pageviews, whereas Google Webmaster Tools help in identify How visitors are arriving from Google Search.

You can learn more about Google Webmaster Tools in detail from our guide for bloggers. And very soon I will be also creating Google Analytics guide.

Now let me give a walk-through on how to link Google Webmaster Tools with Analytics. If you have already created the Google Analytics property for your website, then follow these steps:

Google Analytics Property Settings

Google Analytics Property Settings

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Click on Admin Tab
  3. Select Account and Web Property
  4. Click on Property Settings (above screenshot)
  5. In Property Setting page, scroll down till Webmaster Tools options
  6. Click on Link Webmaster Tools
  7. Select the Web Property to link and click on Save button
Link Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics

Link Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics

Once you have selected the Web Property select the Enable views under drop down and click on Save button.

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Hence now your Google Analytics has be successfully linked to Google Webmaster Tools for retrieving search console data.

Note and Conclusion:

Linking to Webmaster Tools option will be also available while creating New Account or Web Property in Google Analytics.

It is highly recommended to link both the account for better management and detailed tracking for search engine behavior on website.

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