Top 5 reasons for less PageRank in Google SERP

PageRank (PR) of website is rated by Google, higher PR more visibility in Google SERP. Fooling visitors, faulty clicks, causes less SERP

PageRank or in short PR, is the rank given by the Google to all websites and blogs. Higher the PageRank more the visibility of your site in Google SERP. Getting the higher PageRank is very difficult may take years of experience and site activity. But, falling down the PR is very simple and not desirable.

According to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam, has describe the various issues on PageRank on his blog. So this is the simple summary inspired by his blog post.

Reason # 1: Violation of Google Site Quality Term

Google has given the some content quality terms in it webmaster tools. Those sites which do not follow this terms of quality will not be entertained in Google SERP and reduce the PageRank. Always keep your contains  as prescribe by Google guidelines for quality content. This is link for Google Quality Guidelines.

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Reason #2: Avoid Fooling your Visitors

This is the important factors. Never fool your visitors by creating faulty links. If Google Adsense ads are placed in your website keep it under the title of “Sponser Links” or “Advertisment”.

Reason #3:  Don’t Spam you visitors

Do not spam your visitors by sending them mails with spam links or promotional offers. Sending other links excluding your website link is also consider as the spam. So be careful while created the mail newsletters for your subscribers.

Reason #4: Don’t include paid “Partner Links

Many time webmaster include the paid links like “Link Buyers” under title “Partner Links” which on click pays you but, then you have to also pay for Google PageRank. This might cause you falling down the PageRank of your site. So be careful on doing “Partner Links”

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Reason #5: Stop Spamming on other site

When you leave your link on other sites via comment or any, it may drive some traffic to site. But, while doing so keep in mind that and check whether you commented on same niche site of yours. In-case if commented site does not appear in your niche then, it will be consider as the spam.

# Solution: Boom your PageRank

While you submit the site to index keep in note that, you have strictly follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines avoid those reasons mentioned above. Hence sending reconsideration request to the Webmaster may boom you PageRank (PR) next time.

Hope for better PageRank !

Note and Conclusion:

Google PageRank is updated automatically without any prior notice. And there is no such link to send request for PageRank improvement.

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