Mac mini, two years without updates: what could be the possibilities?

Mac mini, two years without upgrades is one of the devices listed in the pools of analysts for new upgrades

We are just over a day of the launch event of the alleged iPad mini Retina 2 and iPad Air 2 . Moreover, it appears that Apple will officially present the final version of OS X Yosemite. Undoubtedly a good event to close the year but according the latest rumors are not the only products and innovations presented by the company. No updates since October 2012, the Mac mini is the little brother of the range of devices supported by OS X. It seems that Apple will surprise us with a complete renovation of the device up to the year as the same way that happened with the Mac Pro. We discovered some news that might have this new Mac mini 2014 edition.


Mac Mini

It seems that the design will be one of the great innovations of the Mac mini. Although there are many rumors about it, we can take the eye back into the history of Apple products to see how they could possibly develop the new Mac mini. For example, the Mac Pro from last year. Also will take years without upgrades with a design in silver aluminum characteristic,without prior filtration, completely changed the design to a shiny black conical with small hole in the center. Even the rear connections were an innovation with the potential for enlightenment if there is low light.This same story can be repeated with the Mac mini. On the contrary the design can remain as present and the changes might be seen inside the hardware.

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Today, the Mac mini Apple already has an Intel Core i5-i7 processor up to 2.5 GHz with Turbo Boost.Hard drive available in different configurations up to 1TB of space.The graphics card is dedicated HD Graphics 4000 and the basic configuration option RAM is 4 GB.The connections go through a HDMI port, headphone jack, Thunderbolt connection, card slot SDXC, Gigabit Ethernet and a single Thunderbolt port.

The new generation of Mac mini may include a processor Intel Haswell last generation i5-i7 in different configurations, 8 GB of RAM in its basic configuration (since less is not recommended for use in OS X Yosemite) and different types of sound internal hard disk and memory from 128 GB to 1 TB Fusion Drive. Of course the graphics could pass for a Intel HD 5000 or Intel Iris technology.

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Connections, like, would pass through ports include USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt second generation.They might even decide to give some more Thunderbolt USB port as in the case of the current MacBook Pro Retina display. The price of this device is a little more, about 799 euros. We will have to wait a couple more days to see if Apple or not renew the Mac mini after two years of drought as this things are still a rumor.So we need to sit back and look for official announcement from Apple.





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