Merge two different Facebook pages to make single page

Merge Duplicate Page
Guiding demo of merging two different Facebook Pages by changing few fields that will copy content and transfer facebook likes and followers

A social network guide to teach on merging two or more Facebook Pages with similar name, topic content and also transfer number followers or likes in one main page alone.

With this merger, you will be retaining the Facebook page which has more likes or follower keeping same page name and URL.

Note: Merging pages will permanently delete data and content and URL address of one page, kindly take a note of it before merging.

Steps to merge Facebook Pages:

Here are detailed steps on initiating the Facebook page merger explained with simple example using Demo Page 1 and Demo Page 2 as sample pages.

Step #1: Change page name

Visit your Admin setting page, under first tab i.e Page Info you can change the Page Name. Write a desirable page name you want for your Page. Than change name for second page which you want to merge similar to first page (You can not have two pages with same names).


  • Page 1 name: Demo Page 1
  • Page 2 name:  Demo Page 2

In above example, keyword Demo page is appearing in both the pages. This will be treated as similar pages in Facebook. Now, Click on the second tab i.e Settings as shown in below image and scroll till the bottom of this page.

Note: If you want to Merge Demo Page 1 (will be deleted on merge) in Demo Page 2, you should visit settings tab of Demo Page 2 not Page 1.

Facebook Page Setting

Facebook Page Setting

Here you will be getting options to Merge duplicate Page  under Merge duplicate Pages which is generally not present on settings tab, click on it.

Merge Duplicate Page

Merge Duplicate Page

Note: You can’t merge a page with more followers in a page having less number of followers. In above example, Demo Page 2 should have more followers than Demo Page 1.(updated)

After clicking on it a light box will open with number of similar pages. Select the pages you want to merge on single base page.

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Step #2: Select page to merge

Merge Facebook Page popup

Merge Facebook Page popup

After selecting in check box and clicking on Merge Pages. You will get a notification like below.  

 Although we will import all the fans and any check-ins you have, all other content from this duplicate page will be lost and permanently deleted. Are you sure you want to merge this page?

If you are sure that your data lose will cause not effect to you then submit for merge or or else just cancel the setup.

Step #3: Select page URL address

After you have selected one or more pages to merge and submitted it. Then it will show up which page address you prefer to continue as main page.

Select the page address you want to keep and then click on Submit button.

Merged Two Facebook Pages

Merged Two Facebook Pages

Note: Page Address once deleted cant regained.

Step #4: Deleting OLD page

The old page which you have merged into new will be automatically deleted at instant and all FB Likes will be transfer to new page.

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Content, post, messages from old one will also be deleted on merge. So make sure that you have backup of your post and content of your account.

Advise: Mistakes to Avoid

I merged nearly 3 pages and made one Facebook page. Each pages were with different number of likes (But less than Guide Advise). I made some stupid mistakes while merging which cause me to drop 90 likes because I was not able to Page name.

These are few mistakes which I have done, and you must careful to avoid:

Mistake #1:

Try to merge from the base page which you want to keep permanent. For me I merged from a page which was not needed that ended up creating wrong page name. Ultimate to sort this problem I ended up with removing 90 likes (to change page name,maximum number of likes can’t be more than 200).

Mistake #2:

Select Page URL properly it may cause problem if your limit to edit page URL has reached maximum (user can edit URL only once after creation).

Note and Conclusion:

It is very easy to merge two or more number similar pages but careful while doing so. Avoid the mistake I have done as mentioned. If you are facing any problem in merging and transferring, feel free to comment below, we would be happy to help you.

This same method can be used to transfer page likes and followers from multiple pages to one single Facebook page.

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