Mobile Friendly sites will be considered for Search Ranking

Website which will be looking great in mobile browser will be ranked higher and will get more visibility in Google SERP.

Recently there has been an announcement from Google Webmaster blog about Mobile Friendly sites ranking. They have told that website with Good Mobile visibility and have had no issue with Mobile Friendly test will be ranked higher than other competitor website.

I think this a very great move made by Google Webmasters. Because, there has being tremendous growth in mobile users and still being counted. Hence website which doesn’t have mobile friendly layout will not have good impact on small browser, hence there might be distraction in mobile users.

Mobile Friendly Test by Google

Mobile Friendly Test by Google

With mobile friendliness, relevance of mobile optimized site will be more. And end user will have better browsing experience.

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To check for mobile friendliness for few pages of site, you can use Mobile Friendly Test. If you have big website with multiple site, you can check Mobile Usability score from Google Webmasters tools.

How to Make website Mobile Friendly ?

Next big questions for webmaster is how to make there existing websites mobile friendly. My suggestion would be hire a CSS and JS developer to change the hard coded value to floating values.

For CSS, changing width px to % and display:none to unwanted area of screen would work out. But still, I would have preferred to go with developers or change my existing layout to new layout.

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If your site is built on WordPress CMS, then choosing a responsive web theme will solve your problem.


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