Check website for mobile-friendly site compatibility test

Google check for mobile website for smart phone users and rank them accordingly for different screen check with mobile-friendly test today.

With the growth of smart phone users a demand of search engine is increased to check whether there search results are mobile-friendly or not and rank the website accordingly.

Recently Google has added a mobile-friendly test tool its webmaster directory to check with compatibility of website for high end mobile devices.

With this tool, webmasters will be able to check how well the website is looking in smartphone devices and also this tool will suggest if any changes needed to improve mobile-friendliness.

We also gave a try to test MatruDEV website with this testing tool, we got reply as:

Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.

Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test

Hence we are mobile-friendly for high-end smartphones and even for featured phones(old smart phone like Symbian, Java based, etc.).

Apart from mobile-friendly test tool, you may also check with PageSpeed and Mobile Usability in Webmaster Tools dashboard under Search Traffic tab.

Note and Conclusion:

It is not yet confirmed whether being mobile-friendly website is ranked higher as compared to non-friendly in smartphone. But we assume that it would be in future as more than 70% internet users browser through smartphones.

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