Fake GPS locations for Android devices

GPS location tracker
Mocking GPS locations for some un-authorized apps is important as a concern of privacy and data issue, learn to mock GPS location.

Apart from fooling someone, you can protect your information by having a fake or mock GPS location. As most of Android browsers, applications and services have access to your location to give you better results and services. They also have access to your privacy which is irritating. Many of the applications downloaded from non-reliable sources or hacked versions of games have access to your location, but they actually don’t make any use of that access. Such apps only tend to take sensitive information from user.

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In some browsers you can deny the permission for location access, but for most of the apps there is no such provision.  But  there is a way by which you can Mock or Fake your location. That is, you can send your wrong location to apps and other sevices.

To do so follow the steps below –

  1. Open settings of your android device.


    Settings option

  2. Look for option called Developers options. Tap on it.



  3. In developers option check for Allow mock locations.

    Allow mock locations.

    Allow mock locations.

  4. Right check on it.

    Mock locations

    Mock locations

That’s it, your device will now have mock GPS locations.

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