MoviePanda: Watch 15,000 movies online for free with subtitles

MoviePanda is a clone of popcorn time.It is an app to watch movies online for free of cost.

MoviePanda is an app to watch movies online for free , at the foot of the page you can read: “Made with ❤ by a few pandas from all over the world..” If that does not sound like Popcorn Time then it’s because you’ve never heard of that service. Popcorn Time is the genesis of the simple applications that make the process of watching TV and movies in the comfort of your computer without paying easy. This may be illegal depending on the country where you live, so take your precautions and you use such tools at your own risk . The application is so easy to use, that makes it even to things as great as Netflix . The fact that Time Popcorn was absolutely open source which has frustrated all attempts to make it disappear and has taken the entertainment industry. The funny thing is that now we have Pochoclin alone, but a large number of clones that do the same.

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Although they do not directly mention Popcorn Time, that footnote makes me assume that use of the code in this app. Well, not only that, they look pretty similar. MoviePanda is available for download on Windows and OS X , and focuses only on the movies. When you start the application you can choose the language you prefer.

Moviepanda has 4 sections: Home, Movies, New Releases, and Popular. In the beginning you can find a kind of dashboard that shows you the most popular big films and recent releases. It is quite nice, and you can choose titles directly from there. From the section “Movies” you can browse through genres, people (actors), punctuation (which is taken from IMDb) or the year the film was released .That makes the app a standout than any similar sort of apps.

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Selecting a movie will get enough information about it: duration, gender, score on IMDb, description, director, writer, actors and even the cast list as they are embedded in the IMDb page for the film. To start playing you just have to press the button Streaming , which will offer a range of quality depending on which many have available. Same with subtitles, can be found in several languages.

MoviePanda joins the long list of Popcorn Time clones that have appeared this year, and certainly not the last . From the site say that soon will liberate the source and version for Linux .


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