MultCloud – A free Online Multiple Cross Cloud Manager

Manage multiple files online from different cloud program using MultCloud file manager. Transfers, download and search files from all cloud.

MultCloud is an ultimate web based cloud management platform which helps you avail all the free storage at a single place. You can use MultCloud to transfer data from one cloud store to other, sync the cloud drives you use, upload, download data and so on. And the most important all these management are absolutely 100% free.

MultCloud 3.0 beta is released with few added features from apart odrive software. You can move or transfer files form one cloud to another for better realizing the file transfer operation among multiple cloud drives without downloading to local. For example, through MultCloud, you can directly copy the files in Google Drive and paste to OneDrive, and this process will be accomplished online.

You can move your data even you are offline means by copying and pasting, Schedule the data transfer. You can move your data when your computer is power off. You don’t need to open different cloud store time and again.

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How to use MultCloud for transfering files online ?

Sign up for MultCloud using active email ID or you can even login using your Google or Facebook social accounts.

Once you Sign Up or Login with Facebook or Google, you now have to add and link your active cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box account with MultClould. Select account and continue to Authorize MultCloud to connect and access cloud files.

Authorize MultCloud

Authorize MultCloud

Now to all the files in selected cloud storage will be visible from MultCloud Dashboard. To intiate transfer, click on Transfer button on top of screen (screenshot below).

Transfer Files from Cloud Online

Transfer Files from Cloud Online

Select add and select other storage account where you need to transfer files (Screenshot below).

Add account to transfer files using MultCloud

Add account to transfer files using MultCloud

MultCloud allow to setup various filtering options, even allows to send email notification after transfer. If you are done with Options setup, click on Run Now to initiate transfer.

Options while transfering files using MultCloud

Options while transferring files using MultCloud

Transfer will be completed within few minutes depend upon total file and folder size. If you have setup an email notification, you will receive email once transfer is completed.

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Comparing with odrive:

  • odrive needs a software download, whereas MultCloud is a web based program.
  • odrive needs to download local copy before transfer, whereas MultCloud transfers online without any local.
  • transfer files from one cloud to other cloud take lot of time, whereas MultCloud can transfer files within few minutes.

Note and Conclusion:

If you are changing your cloud storage from one service to other, better use MultCloud for faster and simpler transfer.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any personal experience with MultCloud.

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