7 Melodious Android Applications for Online Music Streaming!

Music Streaming Android App
Are you a music lover and play online music while at work from your Android Smartphone? These are few best online music streaming apps.

If you are looking for the best-streaming application for your device, then you will definitely be stuck in making the right choice. As you will find plenty of applications in the app market. For your simplicity, I have investigated the application market and arranged the seven most loved application for streaming your listening stuff.  The collection I am going to show you is unique and different from commonly used application YouTube or Netflix. Here you will get to know about the applications which you might not have tried out yet. So let’s get started with the app which I have assigned on number seven.

7. Rhapsody:

Rhapsody is an extraordinary promotion free application offering you access to the latest, popular, and categorized music. The application just takes $9.99 every month, and you get the access of all the latest hits from its library. The most amazing feature of the application is it offers you unlimited music download along with offline playback support. Rhapsody does not entertain ads within the program, this feature makes the application unique from other apps outwardly.


6. Slacker Radio:

Slacker Radio in a general way is a streaming radio music application. The music library of the application is loaded with 15 million songs. The user-friendly interface of the program enables you carefully picking up your favorite track and playing it up loud. To get the access of this marvelous application, you just have to pay $3.99 a month and you’ll get boundless offline playback and ads-free listening. The most amazing thing about the application is – it offers you a list top 40 hits carrying music tracks, which have been rated as best by the users from all around the world.

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5. iHeart Radio:

iHeart Radio is an amusing music streaming application offering a versatile music library including Artists, Albums, Genre and self-generated playlist. It has a music library keeping more than 20 million melodies within. The application likewise features news, sports commentary, drama and comedy on demand service. You will start liking the application after knowing the best thing about the app, which is you can utilize the iHeart Radio for free.


4. Pandora:

Pandora is the oldest streaming application among all above, you will get the best streaming experience of online melodies playing in your device using Pandora. You can create your own collection of melodies and listen to them flawlessly. The most amazing feature you can find in Pandora is ‘like and dislike’ button for each track you’ll be going through, that is you can rate the music with Pandora Application.

3. Songza:

Songza is a music streaming application bringing a classified list of music for you. You can explore different categories of music at the primary screen of the application. For example, brand new music, music for work out, music while drinking tea, and other similar interesting categories depending upon your activities, this itself is the amazing feature of the application that you can never find in any other music streaming app.

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2. Beats Music:

Explore tons of hits with Beats Music app, almost 20 million feature songs can be listened by you instantly using the application. The best thing about the application is it displays the gossips and information related with music world within the application.


1. Spotify:

I have flagged Spotify at first place because this is my favorite and will soon become yours too. The application offers online streaming music support for Android and Tablet users. The program is cost effective as well taking only $9.99 a month for its glorious services. The program offers ads-free streaming and offline playback. The amazing thing about this application is you will get almost all the features which have seen in the above applications individually.


This was a mix of paid and free application for you, hope you would have found what you were looking for, with the help of this review.

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