Manage you network data limit in your Android OS device

Mobile Data usage
Control your mobile network data usage in your Android device by setting up some of the basic things and then you can keep a track of your data.

Most of the people have the some network data packet limit like you can use up-to 2GB and then you have to pay some additional charges to access more internet. But to track this limit you have always check the balance. So in order to reduce efforts to track the data usage there is a feature in Android OS phone.

This feature is added under Settings menu, named as Data usage.

Data Usage option in Android OS

Step #1:

Click on the check box Mobile Data option. This will tracking be applied to settings when you are using mobile network packet. While using connected to Wi-Fi it won’t affect anything.

Step #2:

Click on check box Set mobile data limit to use this functionality. This will give you one more line name as “limit” line shown in red in above image.

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Step #3:

Drag the red line according to limit. If suppose your free internet network packet limit is 10 GB, then drag the line above up-to 10 GB and leave it. This will terminate the network packet usage after 10 GB which may not incur you any additional charges.

Step #4:

Drag the Yellow line up-to the limit where you want to get a warning notification about the limited network data packet you used. If suppose I place my yellow warning line at 5.1 GB, that means I will get an warning message at 5.1 GB usage. This will help you to keep a track on the data packet usage.

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Step #5:

You can also see the which application is causing you more network data usage. And you can limit on each application to use data. Just click on the Application you want to limit the internet connection and at the bottom there is option “Restrict  background data“. This will stop using the mobile data when the application is not in use.

Hope you got all the Data Usage controlling methods in Android device.

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