The all new iOS 8.1

Apple releases new version of iOS 8.1 with interesting improvements for greater unity between mobile and desktop operating system.

The iOS 8.1 is here . The new major update of Apple’s mobile operating system has fulfilled everything that they promised to solve all the problems that caused the previous versions and new features for users. The feedback has been collected and Apple iOS has become a more adapted to the needs of those who use daily operating system on supported devices.

First, aside from the features, iOS 8.1 has introduced a high stability in the devices. As a holder of an iPad 2, Apple’s latest tablet compatible with this OS, it is obvious that the performance has improved which is noticeable. For the iPhone 4S is also similar but obviously there is still a long way with regard to more advanced devices. All other features are here:

  • Apple Pay: This is only (and emphasize this point) in the United States. Secure payment platform from Apple is now available thanks to the NFC to pay for new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are thousands of businesses that already have this form of payment available in the network and can see some examples of the ease with which it works.
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  • Instant Hotspot: If you have a Mac with OS X Yosemite, share Internet between devices is easier than ever. Make a few clicks and we can have it automatically configure both devices to use the mobile network of the iOS device on Mac as a router if it were more.
  • SMS: As happened with receiving incoming calls to iPhone OS X Yosemite, now can view and reply to SMS messages you have received through the same interface through iMessage in iOS 8.1 and an iPhone.
  • iCloud Photo Library: At least in beta form. With this we can access the pictures we have on our roll through all of our iOS and included web devices, much like the native version of iOS 8.1.
  • Back to the original reel: Yes, at last! Users asked what Apple has done. After that the company will disrupt more than the photographic film iOS to replace “Moments” , the company rectified if only in name. Now we have a new reel where all the shots you’ve photographed more clearly be stored.
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These are some of the most notable changes that has iOS 8.1, a major update of the mobile operating system from Apple. Although there are many more in the pipeline, the fact is that Apple’s work has been excellent and we have not had to face the hideous specter of 8.0.1.

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