Nimble Sense: A camera to take your hands to virtual reality

Bringing our hands into virtual reality & beyond,that's the motto of the new Nimble Sense project.

It’s almost instinctive: If you place a helmet virtual reality,the first thing you are after your hands. The standard experience in systems like Oculus Rift does not offer any tracking for our limbs, but those responsible for Nimble Sense want to correct this situation with a camera dedicated to recorded and virtualize both hands with every move we make.

The potential of virtual reality is getting bigger and we can honestly say the same about the frustration it creates. No one denies that its developments are complex and which require a tremendous amount of time and resources. On the other hand, the Oculus Rift targets for launch next year. If you buy a treadmill Virtuix Omni today, it will come in March . And the very Shuhei Yoshida of Sony said last September that the helmet Morpheus is “85 percent” . Wait, wait, wait. Both hardware and software are being desired and as the months running, so do new things that could further enhance the virtual experience. A good example of this is Nimble Sense.

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The camera Nimble Sense is able to capture a point cloud in 3D through a visual field of 110 degrees.This alone does not say much but when combined with the right software,Nimble Sense does recreate our hands within the virtual environment and play each of our movements. One of the most attractive features having Nimble Sense is the ability to install it on DK2 Oculus Rift , so that the camera can not absolutely miss anything when we do some maneuvers. Needless to say, Nimble Sense gives way to all sorts of gestures associated commands and interactive experiences outside of virtual reality. This reminds us partly of Leap Motion which unfortunately must be gathering dust somewhere.

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Nimble Sense began his adventure in Kickstarter and its developers are seeking exactly $ 62,500 to make way for the distribution. When Leap Motion was released, it proved to be so costly and the same applies to Nimble Sense. Each camera is priced at $ 99 and is accompanied by a piece to connect to the Oculus Rift. For a few more tickets, interested parties will have access to supports desktop and Oculus Rift DK1. The plan is that the camera will be in hands of buyers in June 2015 . The demos so far have been solid but the software support will be essential.

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