Fix Internet connection not displaying webpage

Internet Explorer Page Not Found
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage error is mainly due to network issues to connect your browser with internet cable connection.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage is most common error thrown by Microsoft Windows in-built web browsers. This is error is mainly due to network issues in to connect your browser with internet cable connection.

Most common factor you may check to troubleshoot this problems are as follows:

1. Check your LAN cable or Wi-Fi router settings

Very first make sure your LAN cable or Wi-Fi router settings are not disturbed. They are properly setup and in good working condition as most of network issues are raised due to disturbances in your signals.

2. Check Internet Options > Connections

If you have recently made any software installation or changed the LAN setting in your computer for playing LAN games like Counter Strike or any other. Revert back those back to normal, as changing the IP address of your system my conflict IP address provided by ISP for internet access.

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In Internet Explorer you can do this by going to Tools > Internet Option > Connection tab > LAN Settings. In LAN setting make sure you have selected first check box Automatically detect settings and un-tick rest.

3. Switch to another Web Browsers

If still problem persist, download any other open source browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. and check for internet access. If it works, continue using it, as these are better browsers than the default internet explorer.

4. Restart browser after any changes in System

Always restart the system if you make any changes in your computer like installing new software, updates, plugins, extension.

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5. Restart you computer PC

If you install or un-install any huge program, you must always restart laptop as it will close the CPU load that has been evoke due to installation or un-installation of that software program.

6. Retry once again

Once again check for the internet connection, restart your internet explorer and check for connection and retry.

7. Check your Network Connection with your ISP

Finally if problem is not with your end, contact other end i.e your Internet Service Provider (ISP). May be problem is at their side and your are breaking your head here.

If you have any other personal experiences to share, kindly comment below with your troubleshooting guide.

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