6 Best Office Apps for Android Smartphones

Official Work Android Apps
Do you use Android Phone for your official work? These apps will make it more official purpose help to view, edit and manage office files

Other than entertainment, Android applications have truly been making their marks in the field of office use in most recent year. We’ve seen more incorporation with distributed storage, versatile functionality, more steadiness, and better execution. The notion of developing office application is in also on the progressive mode and alongside, more individuals are utilizing their cell phones and tablets to do genuine work.

In case you’re going to do work, you ought to do it with the best applications accessible right? Here are the collection of some best office Android applications I have arranged for you.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome Remote Desktop application helps you to use access desktop or laptop console, right through your phone. The application is cross-platform that is easy to use on your Android Smartphone for free. Though you may face some lags within low-end android devices or due to weak internet connectivity. Also, application does not work in offline mode.

5. Docs To Go:

Doc To Go can be a suitable option for you as to make use in professional field, because it has huge list of versatile feature such as you can access MS office files in tablets and smartphone very easily. The application also supports cloud storage, you can also view pdf files using Doc To Go android application. Additionally, the application supports spreadsheet and presentation support as well.

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4. Google Drive

Who doesn’t know about Google Drive? It is probably the best cloud storage service offered by anyone ever in the market. You can perform any action with google drive, be it writing, be it note making, be it preparing excel work or presentation anything you can do with Google Drive. The online support keeps your data saved automatically even without using most common Control+S key. The most amazing thing about the application is – it is free to install and use for Android users.

3. Kingsoft Office FREE + PDF

This application built with many features to explore for office use. For example, it supports almost 44 distinctive languages, it supports DLNA, Evernote, and similar other popular cloud storage services. The application can be downloaded from the store for free as well.

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2. Microsoft Office Mobile

The application was previously free for android users, but now it has changed its tracks and became paid. Yet you can estimate the power of application by simply thinking about its Giant developer Microsoft Corporations. The application has an integration with One Drive which backup all your data on cloud storage. This way application can be worth utilized.

1. OfficeSuite 7 + PDF

The application has a lot of unique features and the ability to convert word files to PDF formats. The application will also give you the accessibility of office file within. There are some amazing feature you can achieve in the application by making their purchase. Rest the best thing about the application is – it is free of cost agin.


That’s all! If you have a smartphone then it’s time to be the smart worker or businessman. Pick up these applications and become smartest and updated among common people.

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