Office Delve is a new way to organize and share your documents to Pinterest style

Office 365 now offers a tool called Office Delve to organize your documents to Pinterest style by boards meet, present and share your most important information.

Microsoft has been surprising us with the launch of several new tools for the Office suite.Office 365 has enabled more and more people can enjoy the package of Office from any device at any time. This transition of Office from the desktop to the Web has enabled it to develop other applications to organize, present and share information with other users in our network.

Recently we talked about Sway which is an interactive web-based tool for creating totally different presentations from what we were used to from Power Point. Today we present a new tool that lets you find the information you are looking for quickly and differently.

Delve Office

Originally developed with the codename “Oslo”, Office Delve is a new feature added to the Business Office 365 platform that generates experiences intelligent and social work. Instead of “search”, Office Delve lets you “find” your most important documents according to the work you are doing and the people with whom you are involved.

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Delve is customized and tailored especially for you, thanks to integrate with Office Graph. The latter uses machine learning techniques to trace the relationships between people, content and activity within Office 365, showing your content Outlook, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Yammer.

Office Delve

Delve Office boards

Although it had a very modern design, a week ago, Microsoft announced the launch of a new design for Office Delve which reminds us very much of interface options. The boards Delve let you organize the content (documents, contacts, email), so access to them becomes faster and easier to share with others.

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When working in teams is common that we do not have on hand all the necessary information, but with Office Delve is as simple as clicking Add to panel, select a name or choose from existing boards, to return to not miss a single thing. Each board is a unique collection of ideas and information that others can discover and collaborate on them as long as you have configured the required permissions to watch it.

With Delve, Microsoft committed to the healing of content and knowledge management , essential for the information society we live in today features.

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