Offline Games Section Added in Google Play Store

It has been long said that casual games have drawn attention and won the public. The advent of social networking and the emergence of smartphones have made this kind of game gain more strength and is today a major contributor to the revenues of online app stores from Apple and Google.

The problem is that this was not always organized and so far everything seems pretty confusing. Some games are free, but have purchases within them, others are not free and they also have to buy into them, require a permanent internet connectivity and not others. The mess is widespread, but it seems that Google wants to order at Play Store once and for all.


On Thursday (24th July), the company released a new update that adds the new category "offline games" to the games section of the playstore. Accessing it, the user sees both free-to-play and paid, but that do not require internet connection to operate.

The addition may seem overly simplistic, but it sure will help those who struggle every month not to burst the data plan contract with the operator, saving them the consumer data both within the game, as soon as you download it.


A new category has not yet been added to the Store main menu, but now it is listed as a collection on the main page of the games section in Playstore.

The new classification is not exactly being listed as a category, but as a collection of apps on the main page of the games section on Play Store.


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