Revert OnePlus 2 from CyanogenMod to Oxygen OS

Oxygen OnePlus OS
Are you facing problems with your OnePlus 2 device after installing CyanogenMod? Then reverting back to original Oxygen OS will solve issues

Few days ago, I had published an article on how to install CyanogenMod in OnePlus 2 mobile. The OnePlus 2 device is running on OnePlus’s very own Oxygen OS, installing CyanogenMod adds benefits with lots of features.

But it seems that there are few issues in CyanogenMod compatibility with OnePlus 2. A user has a complaint about battery draining and overheating problem after switching OS from Oxygen on CyanogenMod. Hence, this article will be covering on How to revert the CyanogenMod back to Oxygen OS for OnePlus 2 device.

Installing Oxygen OS back on to your OnePlus Device is very simple and you will not lose any personal data in mobile. We will be using recovery mode to install Oxygen OS that will easily switch the existing CM to Oxygen.

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Steps to follow for reverting CM to Oxygen OS:

  1. Download Full Oxygen OS for OnePlus 2 on you local machine (computer or laptop).
  2. Copy the OS file into device Local Storage (Internal Storage).
  3. Restart the OnePlus 2 device in Recovery Mode (detail here — how to restart in recovery mode).
  4. Select the copied file from internal storage for installation.
  5. Complete the installation and reboot the device.

Once the installation and reboot get completed, your existing apps will be optimized for the first time and your OnePlus 2 will be again backed with Oxygen OS.

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If you have installed the Oxygen OS which is older than the current version, then you will be getting OTA updates immediately. Download and install these updates for latest Oxygen OS.

Note and Conclusion:

  • Make sure that your device is charged more than 50% as installation will consume a good amount of battery.
  • Disconnect from charging point or computer while installing from Local storage.
  • You will not lose any data or apps installed on your device.

If you are facing any issues in installation, drop your query below in comment box. We would be happy to help you.

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