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Paypal - send or transfer money online national and international transaction through Indian bank just a verified Paypal account is needed

Paypal is considered as the safest way to transfer funds online in international level. And it is recognized by various international banks in different countries across the globe. But in India, Paypal account has limited only to receives the money into bank and not to send the money any other account. This is due to strict RBI rules. Hence we Indian’s are not able to send the money fast and easy via Paypal.

So here is some of the information on Paypal account which I was able to gather from online social sites:

Information Tip #1:

Actually speaking there is no need to have the Paypal account to send the money. Just a credit or debit card of reputed bank along with VISA (I prefer) or Master Card logo is enough.

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I have been doing international transactions all the way using my ICICI bank debit card which have the VISA logo. So try out getting the bank accounts on reputed banks. ICICI (Verified), HDFC, AXIS (Verified), CITI bank and all other nationalized banks.

This transactions will charge you very less as compare to Paypal foreign exchange rates. For me when I use ICICI Debit card they charge almost like nothing.

Information Tip #2:

If you have verified Paypal account associated with you bank account. Then there is no need to add funds into account, you can send money to third party from Paypal account. Where Paypal will deduct the amount from you debit or credit card and send the money directly to the third party without adding funds.

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This might charge some amount as exchange rate charges.

Information Tip #3:

You can receive any amount into your bank account through it with option called as Auto-withdraw. If you receive any international fund, it will automatically convert currency in local (INR) and transfer into you associated bank account.

Or else you have option to withdraw funds on your request.

Note and conclusion:

Currently this is scenario of Paypal in India, I will be updating more in this topic, stay connected with us.

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18 Responses

  1. chethan says:

    Is State Bank Account supported?

    • Kushal Azza says:

      I doubt, but I think they should support just like a normal transaction.

      I suggest you to go with private banks like ICICI, HDFC, AXIS.

  2. prabakaran says:

    sir,how i send money to paypal via icici bank account or coral international debit card

    • Kushal Azza says:

      You cannot add money to PayPal, but you can use Paypal as intermediate mode to transfer money. You can transfer using international debit card. Get your card add and verified with Paypal. Thats it. Every transaction you make with Paypal, it will deduct from your card and pays to merchant.

  3. Pooja says:

    Hi Kushal

    thanks for your information. I will be receiving an international fund transfer in paypal account which I need to transfer to my icici bank account.My icici bank account is already connected and have received test funds from paypal.Wanted to know how much paypal charges for transaction.Please revert

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi Pooja,
      Withdrawal fee for Paypal is Free. But they might deduct charges(very less) for Forex to convert USD to INR. Please refer to Paypal Withdrawal fee page.

      As of now, if you have an Indian Account, you cannot hold your Paypal for more than a week — Amount will be auto-withdrawal to account.

      • Sasadhar says:

        can anyone tell me please which type of icici bank you connect to PayPal and is it icici visa debit card or debit card? I can’t define which one works debit or credit card to receive money from PayPal.

        • Kushal Azza says:

          Hi Sasadhar,

          I have been using ICICI Credit Card with my PayPal account it works great for me. To receive money you can either add debit card or credit card it doesn’t matter which card you are using.

          Other option apart from ICICI bank would be Axis Bank, CITI Bank.


  4. siva says:

    Hai friends, I have verified PayPal account linked with my ICICI and Indian bank. Can anybody know about daily withdraw limit PayPal to bank (RBI rules)? Please reply friends

  5. laxminarayan says:

    Thanx for valuable information but can i send some money through my paypal account to another paypal account .my bank accout already active with paypal account.
    Laxmi Narayan

  6. rohil says:

    i recieve my money internationly dollars do they automaticaly exchange the currencys?

  7. sakir says:

    my sbbj brance not showing in paypal list so now how can i add my bank account in paypal .

  8. sourav says:

    Hello Kushal, I have Paypal account and also linked my Canara bank account. Is it necessary to add debit/credit card to receive payments in the bank account, please help I am in trouble. I only want to receive my PayPal balance to my Indian bank account.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi Sourav,
      I think you need to add a debit or credit card for verification and linkage of the bank account. Paypal will not verify and release payment unless your account is verified with these details.
      If you don’t have a card of Canara bank, then you can add any other bank’s card to get your Paypal verified. Once the verification is done, will be able to withdraw balance. In future, you can also change the card details associated with account.
      I hope this solve your issue.

  9. sourav says:

    sir i have a debit card of canara bank.but paypal not accepted it…but i have already verified my bank account and paypal send me a two point is..can i able to withdraw ammount without linking debit card because i already verified my bank account

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