People messing with statues in best possible way – Part 3

Few freaky people posted images that have posed with statues around the world and messed with them in best possible way. Quiet funny though.

A continuation article of People messing with statues in best possible way – Part 1, Part 2. These are more images on same abstract watch and enjoy. Also don’t forget to share with your friends.

This is just of Fun post, don’t take it otherwise, just enjoy the pictures. And don’t forget to caption the post in comment box.

17. Look, I am flying.

Man sitting on Eagle statue and drinking beer

Look, I am flying

18. Hello !!

Man posing like a statue on one leg


19. One Marijuana please

Boy bribing statues

One Marijuana please

20. Prefect time to steal something

Man trying to steal the statues bag

Prefect time to steal something

21. Aaahhhh !!!!

Statue pouring something on women face

Aaahhhh !!!!

22. How dare you touch my cheek !!

Baby statue hitting a man

How dare you touch my cheek !!

23. Oopss !!! you cracked my nuts.

Statues hitting hammer on man balls

Oopss !!! you cracked my nuts.

24. Nice @$$

Statues staring

Nice @$$

More pictures coming soon…

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