Plexidrone: Portable drone for aerial photography

Plexidrone is a drone for aerial photography that can be carried in a backpack and assembled in less than a minute

Plexidrone is composed of four helices that allow suspended in the air and support a weight of up to 1KG .Which is especially suitable for small, lightweight cameras like the GoPro Hero . Of course, keep in mind that it would not be appropriate to mount a DSLR camera.

The product is being developed by the company DreamQuii and from October 1 is on Indiegogo for crowdfunding . Currently already has raised more than $ 300,000, far exceeding the target of $ 100,000 initially proposed by the company.


As for the device, we can say that it is separate of different pieces that can be easily carried in a backpack specially adapted for it. According to its creators, mount this drone should not take us more than a minute of our time.

Among its features to highlight, we place special emphasis on the app called PlexiGCS , which is developed by the company and will work on both iOS and Android. With this application we can connect to Bluetooth Plexidrone and easily control it, but if you prefer, you can also be in controll by a traditional RC command .


The application will allow us to draw paths for the drone,the scroll as we indicate. In addition, it also has an interesting feature called follow me for connecting the drone by GPS to our Smartphone and automatically it will follow us wherever we go. Its flight range can vary from 15 to 35 minutes and also has a proximity sensor designed to avoid the obstacles that are in its path.

The version starter has everything you need to start recording with Plexidrone and is priced at $ 699 (€ 553) . This edition will be delivered in March 2015.

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