The most popular and used programming languages of today

Programming languages are the base of everything and there are many to choose from to work with.Let's check out the popular programming languages of today.

Ada Lovelace is known as the first computer programmer in history, thanks to an algorithm developed to operate the Analytical Engine designed by Charles Babbage in 1816.

Over the years, the simple algorithms became formal languages ​​that replaced the 0 and 1 that interprets the machine, words and phrases that can be better understood by humans. Thus was born the first programming languages ​​such as Fortran, COBOL and BASIC, the latter considered as high-level language.

The development of new communication standards and visual environments has allowed programming languages ​​to transform into simple programs capable of being operated by standard users , although there are still people who believe that only those skilled in the art may operate a programming language. Instructions have been standardized in languages ​​a little and programming environments have become more friendly, which is why some programmers prefer one language over another . Leaving aside the preference for efficiency or robustness of language itself.

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Programming languages

The Tiobe index

The Tiobe index is a parameter that determines the popularity of a programming language for a given period of time based on the data obtained from the search engines, courses or major sites like Google, Wikipedia or YouTube. But this indicator does not seek to determine which is the best language , but only what is the most popular.

TIOBE: “The Importance Of Being Earnest”

This index can help you check whether your programming skills are up to date or to make decisions about what programming language should take to create a new computer system.

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Here are the 20 most popular programming languages that ​​are listed for October 2014 in comparison with October 2013. you will see C, Java and C ++ are among the favorites of programmers and have retained their position throughout the year. On the other hand, languages ​​like Dart who were at No. 81 last year, they have managed to earn a place in the top twenty of the popularity ranking.

See Ranking:October 2014

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