Best Premium Web Browsing Software for Free

Premium Web Browsers
Big list of best and fast web browsing software for mobile devices and computer laptops available for free of cost for developers.

Big list of best and premium web browsing software for mobile devices and also computer laptops which are available for free of cost.

List of famous web browsers on desktop, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets that are free to download, install and use. The most web browsers available are either Open Sources or free to use, and supported with free extensions and add-ons to tweak the existing browser functionality to get more out of it.

Google Chrome

Developed by Google Inc. this is one of best browsers for normal users and developers. It was developed in 2008 and growing since then. It has users total of more than 60% of world wide.

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Google Chrome is Available on:

  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Desktop

Mozilla Firefox

Developed by Mozilla Community, this second most used browser world wide i.e. more than 24%. It was developed and live to use since 2004. It is developed by a group of Mozilla community and is complete open source tool.

Mozilla Firefox is Available on:

  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Desktop

ReadGoogle Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox.

Apple Safari

Developed by Apple Inc, this is most used and in-built browser is Apple products like Mac, iPhone, iPad and some iPod. It uses less memory as compare to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and also claims to save you battery.

Apart from Apple products, Safari is also available for Windows OS but not available in Android Play store.

Opera Browser

Developed by Opera Software ASA, it is one of the oldest and browsers for mobile phone before Android. In mobile, this is one of the fastest web browser which loads a website faster by blocking its JavaScript scripts and serving cached images from opera servers.

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Opera is available on all the platforms, mobile, tablets, desktop machines. It is also available for old Symbian and Java phones.

Note and Conclusion:

There are lot of other browsers too, but most of them doesn’t provide privacy and functions as these browsers does. So I prefer to choose above as premium browsers of all existing.

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