Pressidium Affiliate Program Review

With Pressidium Affiliate program, you would be able to earn about $200 per successful signup sale through your unique ShareASale link.

Pressidium is a great WordPress managed hosting provider at best price for big business and start ups. We have already posted a review of Pressidium hosting.

As Pressidium in new in managed hosting business, it needs lot of website owners and blog promoters to promote it’s hosting service across the internet.

To improve marketing and sales, they have recently started an affiliate program. Where anyone who buys there WordPress Managed Hosting through your referral link (unique of each user), they will pay $200 for per successful sign up. And that is very decent amount of money for one single referral.

To become Pressidium affiliate, you need to get ShareASale account first. As Pressidium uses ShareASale as there affiliate management.

Pressidium Affiliate Program

Pressidium Affiliate Program

Steps to get ShareASale account:

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Note: If you already got ShareASale account, skip below steps and follow next steps on How to become Pressidium Affiliate.

  1. Visit
  2. Create a new Account with active email ID
  3. Verify your email ID

It may take 3 to 5 days to get your ShareASale account active (in my case, it took me 4 days).

Now bookmark this page (Windows +D) and visit after your ShareASale is active. Meanwhile you can even check how much Pressidium pays you for each successful referral.

Now if you already have ShareASale account or got active after applying for it. Then continue reading below

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Steps on how to become Pressidium affiliate:

  1. Sign up to Pressidium Affiliate program.
  2. Check the Affiliate amount you will earn on each successful sign up.
  3. Click on Apply Now button
  4. Scroll below and enter Your ShareASale login credentials and complete the joining procedure.
  5. Accept the ToS and submit.
  6. Your Pressidium affiliate account will be active as soon as joined (currently, they are providing pre-approved accounts on just joining).

Now you got more power to earn money while spreading word about Pressidium.

Note  and Conclusion

Pressidium uses ShareASale for Affiliate management. If already have account, then it is easier to get Pressidium affiliate.

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