How to Prevent Overheat Problems on iPhone and iPad

Learn How to Prevent Overheat Problems on iPhone and iPad on

How to Prevent Overheat Problems on iPhone and iPad.

iPhone 4 to the latest version of iPhone are made using metal materials, except the iPhone 5C, The iPads all generations uses metal material inside and out, they can gain much temperature. However, sometimes due to excess usage, misuse or over charging can also cause overheating of the iPhone or iPad.

If you don’t pay attention to your iDevice or you leave it behind without any care and it overheats, it can be a serious problem such as damaged cellular components, such as chips, flash cameras, or maybe the screens. Do not get panic, you can prevent that with a few things to be aware of the following:


1. Do not leave your iPhone or iPad in the car

The temperature inside a closed car and which is parked in the hot sun can be a disaster for the iPhone or iPad. You can always avoid this by checking your car if you left anything behind and taking your iPhone or iPad with out when you leave the car.

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2. Turn off unnecessary features on your iPhone or iPad

I often see some of my friends who use the iPhone with Bluetooth turned on even when they are not using any wireless headset or similar device through Bluetooth connection. We recommend that you turn off the Bluetooth when you are not using it. Similarly, the use of a data connection can also drain the battery and it can cause overheating and other serious problems to your iPhone or iPad. It will also help you save data bundles.

3. Avoid Playing HD Games

Playing games like Infinity Blade, it can drain the battery really fast, and it the battery will lose the charging capacity of your iPhone or iPad. My advice for you is not to play games while you are charging the battery, especially when in the sun or outdoors, especially when you are in car and charging with your car charger.

4. Keep your iPad or iPhone away from high temperature objects.

Often iPhone or iPad and Powerbank that is being used to recharge the battery can cause overheating. You should try to avoid it from now on. The heat generated from a powerbank can cause serious hardware problems to your iPad or iPhone,  you should charge your iPhone or iPad with OEM chargers and cables.

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5. Delete Unsupported Apps

When an application is made with minimal support for a device, its performance certainly feels very forced and it can make your device overheat real quick. You might like to play games with high graphics on an older device such as the iPhone 3Gs and iPad first generation.

What if you experience excessive heat conditions that are indicated with a yellow warning icon? Do not panic, you can fix it quickly by moving the iPhone or iPad to a cooler place. Turn off your device for a few moments can also be a final solution if the condition never changed. If you have any problem then leave a comment below.


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