Pydio: best open source alternative to Dropbox

Pydio is a free platform to share files privately in business. Its main difference from Cloud is that only focuses on the exchange of files.

We live in a reality that we deliver more of our data and files to third parties for staying on their servers, in order that we are able to access these clouds and be given our data anywhere. After seeing how policies services like Dropbox do not respect the privacy of our files, the idea of starting a private cloud becomes increasingly attractive.

If we focus on the business world, it makes sense to choose solutions that have greater control of the process over other options opaque third parties using the user procedures. In these cases, more and more companies begin to select free software as a quality alternative and also has added to lower the total cost of the process.

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One of the free projects that has matured and has become a valid option is Pydio, the free alternative to Dropbox takes an entrepreneurial approach.

Features of Pydio


Pydio stands to Put Your Data In Orbit and it is a free service platform that is installed on your own server. They are defined as:

The mature open source alternative to Dropbox and code.

The purpose is to provide a platform for exchanging files of private company controlled by the remote control which can be accessed from anywhere, either via web interface or smartphone application .The interface can be customized to reflect the identity or brand of the company, allows EncFS encryption or its own supplier and is also capable of connecting other accounts of third party services like Dropbox, to be accessed from Pydio or to facilitate Migration to this.

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Use tools like Pydio that are installed on our own servers allowed to take total control of the information and documents stored , so the concern that certain laws lie down storage services and lose the stored files, is zero.

To test Pydio you only have to enter the demo page , entering the word demo username and password.

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