Quantum OS: Linux distro with Material Design Interface

A beautiful interface based on Material Design more powerful Linux kernel, so will be the new Quantum OS operating system.

After Google had issued the creation of its beautiful design Material Design,many software developers have been inspired to create applications, themes, wallpapers and many other resources.And the design as care lines, colors and shades have gotten deserved place on user preference.

Until recently, this design is only used to change the face of digital resources that we use but in very little time longer possible to have a complete Linux-based operating system that will incorporate elements of Material Design in its user interface like the following Quantum OS.

Quantum OS

Quantum file manager

Quantum OS was originally named Quartz OS but due to some conflicts with graphics libraries OS X had to change the name.Its creator Michael Spencer explained that the operating system that is still under development will be created from scratch, but it is very likely to use an existing distribution as Arch Linux because of its simplicity and lightness. The plan is that the system is based on the latest versions available that are free of patches and modifications. But until the final base distribution can not decide the login manager or installer can not be created.

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QT 5 applications, QML and Wayland, in order to be compatible with OS X, Windows and other platforms to develop desktop and shell. This point is crucial in meeting the philosophy Material Design to create a design frame platform applications .

quantum os action center

The development team Quantum OS is open so you can make some contributions to the project, for it can visit the community development. If you want to track or browse advances in interface design you can visit profile of Google+ . Remember that the project source code is available on GitHub .

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Material Design looks great on mobile devices, have to see if the team behind Quantum OS also manages to captivate desktop users. Although the images shown is quite fascinating and you’ll be aware of the coming changes to the operating system.

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