Questia: A comprehensive search platform for researchers

Questia is a comprehensive platform that includes tools to help students and professionals to develop their research easily.

Find reliable information on the Internet is a task that is becoming increasingly complex due to the enormous amount of information every day flooded in major search engines.For students,teachers or professionals dedicated to research, it is important to have tools, as today we present that can help them find quality content.

Questia is a platform for academic research that has a class library with over 83,000 books and 10 million resources for consultation as newspapers, journals and magazines.The library specializes in areas of Social Sciences : History, Philosophy,Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Politics, Literature, etc.

Although most of the content is under copyright, Questia also offers public domain articles for free. The platform charges a monthly subscription fee or yearly which allows users to have temporary access to all resources in your library.

Writing Center and Research Tools

questia project

Questia subscription also gives us access to a set of functionalities to support, among which are the Writing Center and Research Tools .

The Writing Center provides tools to generate ideas and start writing research. For example, incorporates selected topics that might interest us and gives us information about existing related research. It helps us write our own thesis and generate the appropriate literature.

Research Tools include highlighting text, adding notes, selection markers or favorite pages, automatic bibliography generation,the ability to add quotes and creating full to save all your research portfolios.

There is also a section devoted exclusively to student academic researchQuestia School offers the same features as the regular version but with content especially dedicated to students in senior high .

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