How to: Recover Deleted Notifications in Android KitKat

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Notification panel is one of the most functional feature in Android, pull the top and everything can be seen, whatever it is. This is quite a helpful feature that shows all the notifications on your android phone. But have you accidentally deleted all notifications when you entered to see them? Though there are important things there.

Luckily Android KitKat allows you to have a look at some of the last notification that appeared on the notification panel, you only need to enter system settings. Add a shortcut on the homescreen and the list of notifications that were deleted.

Follow these steps to create a shortcut on the homescreen:

Recover Deleted Notifications


1) Tap and hold on the homescreen, select Shortcuts


2) Select Settings shortcut


3) Select Notifications


4) After the icon appears, open it and see the notification.


These are the easy steps you can follow and have a look at your deleted notifications. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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