Removu : Remote viewer for GoPro

Removu is a remote viewer for GoPro camera that connects via WiFi to transmit images streaming. Additionally, you can remotely control the camera.

Removu is a remote viewer for GoPro using the WiFi connection to connect and be able to transmit images at that time when the camera is recording. Furthermore, since the device itself can be controlled with manual settings thanks to its LCD touch screen, allowing to handle the camera remotely which is useful when we put the GoPro in a place inaccessible.

removu body Among its features, we find different aspects:

  • WiFi to connect the camera streaming
  • Splash and shock resistant
  • Display LCD 2-inch QVGA 320 x 240 pixels
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 hours of battery

removu screen

The screen has a strap with velcro so that we can attach Removu on our wrist, thus having the ability to see what is being recorded and control the camera in a more accessible form.
Removu is compatible with GoPro Hero 3 , 3+ and Hero 4 . It rises well as a good option for those who are a little tired of using the remote control app GoPro, which sometimes (depending on our smartphone) not works as well as it should and also consumes our cell battery which is quite frustrating at times.
We must remember that GoPro also has an official accessory that functions as a removable touchscreen to the body of our camera. The problem is that this screen can not be used as a remote viewer, it must necessarily be linked to the camera.
Therefore, the remote viewer for GoPro Removu, is a somewhat more interesting than the official version option because it allows you to move the LCD screen and has a similar (or even cheaper if bought in advance) price. The project is available on Indiegogo with a price of $ 59 if purchased in advance, something to consider as the final price will exceed $ 100.

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