Are we close to the death of Humanity ? #RIPHumanity

Pakistan School Attack
We are human beings but sometimes we behave worst than animals. Humans are foolish, miserable and sometimes act like shitheads. RIP Humanity

I am very sad, frustrated and writing first article on my new Lifestyle section about social animals, the Humans. Today is very sad or say worst day for Humanity. I could say that humans are no more social animals anymore. They are bunch of shitheads who are becoming more and more selfish. There will be end of Humanity soon if this is continued same.

I literally don’t understand this group of motherfuckers(Mofos) named themselves as Taliban. What they really need ? What they want to acheive ? do they need a piece of land to eat, shit and die ? What exactly they want ? I do have one special gift for them, my dick. Aaaahhh fuckers!! you are getting on my nerves :X :X

These Mofos today killed around 100 innocent children’s in army schools. What did they do to you (Mofos) ? Why them ? Seriously man, If you need something just place in-front of World. At-least we will think and try to satisfy your needs. Please stop doing this shit.

With shitty regards,

An Angry Speaker.

Image Credits: Reuters

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