Samsung Galaxy Note 4 provides powerful new features

Here are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 new features that you don't know yet.

Last September the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was officially launched. You’ve already know about that and today I want to inform with some more new updates about this device.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is already on sale in our country, let’s dwell a little more on the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

S-Pen and S-Note, the perfect union

Although the S-Pen is really a peripheral and therefore hardware , what really interests me the new features that brings this renewed pointer. Its higher accuracy (detects double pressure levels than its predecessor)let our writing faster and what is better and more natural. Also detected much better lean angles , making it more responsive to our writing, widening or narrowing the line according to our movements. Coupled with this, within S-Note are two new pencils: pen and handwriting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Following the S-Note, we now find more features such as Photo Note, with which we can capture handwritten notes, projections, writing on a blackboard, etc. and the program will recognize, capture the image and insert it into a page from our book on S-Note, where we can edit it to our liking.

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Moreover, another expanded role of S-Pen is its ability to search both within and across Internet device. This search can be done with images or text we have on our screen.

Multiscreen, more comfortable and improved

In the previous model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we could split the screen into two equal parts (placed above and below), no choice of anything else that size, now we can have up to eight open applications, what is best with the possibility that they are floating screens of different sizes, so we are not limited to the size or shape of the screen. We can play with size, shape and position and even minimize them until they are just small floating “bubbles” on the screen.

Air Command

Now it will be easier to work with Air Command. It recognizes the S-Pen from greater distances (up to 1.7 inches).:

  • Action Note : The quick note,with that we can convert phone number, contact, email, etc.
  • Image Clip : It allows us to make a silhouette image
  • Screenshot : You can edit once captured
  • Smart choice : Replaces Trim (Scrap Booker) and is the real novelty. It is more powerful and better recognizes the “cuts” to do almost any application. These cuts can attach to the mail, for example, by dragging them to a window where you have open. Also, now explores the metadata and gives you all the available options : save to contacts, call number, opened in Google Maps (if an address), etc.
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Camera photo

Besides improving the camera itself with physical additions (stabilizer, or to use as a trigger cardiac sensor front camera), some options have been added as a selfie self widescreen for group photos.

And these are the main new features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Of course, will have to add all the new features,bring an upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop and that surely will enhance the user experience


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