How to: Save Battery Life on Android Device [5 Tips]

The battery is still a problem on Android devices, many cheap and expensive Smartphones can be used only for a few hours or all day but not until 24 hours. Today many people rely on smartphones to deal with many problems, including employment. Lucky if you use a Smartphone with a large-capacity battery, so you do not have to worry about running out of power even when used all day.

So you can use your smartphone to the maximum battery capacity, not bad if you can use it all day. Your usage affects the smartphone battery life, smartphones you use to handle the work and connect to the internet and playing games will make Android Smartphone only lasted a few hours.

There are a lot of Android apps on Play Store offers several features to save battery, but it looks like you have to try to change some settings of Android that causes your smartphone to survive for some good hours. Today we are going to tell you how you can save battery on your Android Phone.

Save Battery on Android Phone


1. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when not needed

This can be done with ease, pull the notifications bar and in the quick settings you can turn off Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS. (Applies to Android ICS to the above, please Gingerbread For users use applications like Power Control or Turn it off from settings.)


2. Schedule Turn Off and Turn On

Some stock ROM has a feature for automatically turning off and turning on, you just set the time. This way you can use if you do not want to bother the phone at all or when you are sleeping.


3. Use Airplane Mode (Airplane Mode / Flight Mode)

If you do not want to turn off the Smartphone because you have to wait for loading at boot, you can try to use Airplane Mode feature. This will turn off all wireless connectivity, including signal GSM / CDMA.


4. Set the network to use 2G Signals

This will change the network settings to 2G (EDGE / GPRS) network when 3G not available or really bad.


5. Turn off Auto Brightness Screen

Adjust the screen brightness manually as needed, because if you use auto brightness feature it may drain the battery really fast.



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