How to Save SHSH Blobs on iOS 7.1.2

Learn How to Save SHSH Blobs on iOS 7.1.2 on

If you want to save your SHSH blobs to use them later, we are going to show you how you can save your SHSH blobs on iOS 7.1.2. Netcom recently released the latest version of TinyUmbrella 7.11, which allows you to save your SHSH blobs.


TinyUmbrella 7.11 is stable and it is the only tool available right now which is able to save SHSH blobs of any iDevice which can be iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or the iPod Touch running iOS 7.1.2. In the past there were more tools available which were available and they can allow you to save SHSH blobs of any iDevice. Here are the steps to save SHSH your iDevice using TinyUmbrella:

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Save SHSH Blobs

After downloading the latest version of TinyUmbrella, you can save SHSH blobs of your iDevice and follow the easy steps below:

  • Download TinyUmbrella (Windows / Mac).
  • Now double click on the application you downloaded to open TinyUmbrella.exe or
  • Now connect the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to PC / Mac
  • Once your iDevice is detected in TinyUmbrella click on the iDevice name in the left panel.
  • Now click on the "Advanced" then Uncheck (remove the checklist) on the following two options: "Save ALL Available SHSH" and "Request SHSH From Cydia"
  • Now change directory to save your iDevice SHSH files to the Desktop (because it's easier to find), now "Save SHSH Directory"
  • Now select the "Log" to view the status and storage process SHSH.
  • After that, now save SHSH of your iDevice by pressing the "Save SHSH" and TinyUmbrella will begin the shsh-ios-711-tinyumbrellaprocess to save all SHSH that can still be saved and still allowed by Apple.
  • After successful then you will see a confirmation: "Successfully SHSH SAVED!"
  • Then you will see the SHSH file on the desktop.
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After successfully saving SHSH iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, I suggest you to save your SSH blobs to a safe location so you can find when you want them.

That's the way to save iOS 7.1.2 SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella jailbreak tool, if you have any questions comment it below.


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