Saylor: online learning at the university level and at your own pace

If the online courses you found are not deep enough for you, Saylor will help you become an expert in any area, without paying anything.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the Internet is the ability to access all the knowledge from the comfort of your home. Whether learning languages ​​or do online courses ,there are plenty of educational options for people who have a thirst for learning .However, most of these courses require align ourselves with a certain time schedule, a start date and completion which sometimes we are unable to comply because for some reasons. Saylor ,however, provides a wide range of courses in various areas of knowledge which can be completed at your own pace .

Saylor: also for the social sciences

Similarly, most of the courses can be found online tend to focus especially in the hard sciences , while Saylor also can find courses in political science, history, psychology or art. Following the programs designed by Saylor, you can make the equivalent of a “major” or “minor” according to the American educational system, taking different courses to complete enough material for a “specialty” .

Obviously while offering the certificate, not amount to a security issued by a university but are free and in many cases offer college credit transferable to any US universities that have agreements. Among the universities that have partnerships with Saylor are the University of Maryland and Colorado Technical University. In these cases, it is possible that to get credit for a course required to pay a fee to the university for the right to take an exam.

Your Saylor portfolio


Once you create your account at Saylor, you can add to your portfolio the subjects that you are interested in, whether in one or more areas of knowledge and advance through the material at your own pace. You can take isolated subjects (like History or cognitive psychology), or choose to follow the full program of “specialty” (for example, the program in political science contains eight basic or “mandatory” subjects and four possible areas of expertise with their own electives).

You can take the subjects you choose, although some will be suggested that other suggested prerequisites for better understanding. At the end of each course, you will provide an examination, which have two hours to make without interruption. Need a rating of at least 70% to receive a certificate and if you fail, you must wait 14 days to return to try again(you can try again as many times as you want). The certificate of course completion and transcription of the course content, have a verification code that allows any interested make sure that the certificate is real and yours .

Unfortunately, all available in Saylor material is in English and given its complexity and depth, requires at least an intermediate level of language to defend yourself properly. Although people behind Saylor Academy has no plans to translate the site or its contents into other languages, all this content is under license Creative Commons Attribution ,so if anyone is encouraged to translate it could create a version in any other language they want.

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