ShadowFX: Adds customized shadows in Windows 8

ShadowFX is a simple tool that lets you add drop shadows to windows of your Windows 8 / 8.1 to give depth to your desktop.

If you are a person who pays a lot, but a lot more attention to detail than normal, surely you noticed that the windows of applications in Windows 8 / 8.1 do not have any shadows . This makes perfect sense on the side of the design standards that are following Microsoft to make everything look pretty flat and square. However, many of us like this kind of effects that visually tells you very clearly what window is in the foreground and the effect of separation between them in one desktop is pretty nice.

On OS X and many Linux distributions, the cast shadows under the windows are quite marked and look pretty good. If you’re bored with the lack of depth you have in Windows, you can easily solve this “problem” with the utility of Stardock ShadowFX .


Add shadows to your windows instantly

ShadowFX lets you add drop shadows to all your windows in Windows 8 in just one click, you just need to install and run the program for the first time and choose a type of shade. By default, the program includes 10 different styles of shades, from classic one dark and very marked up super subtle shade and some more flashy colors if you go with outrageous things. If this is not enough for selection of shades, you can go hang customization community which has formed this company over the years and offer additional resources for almost all other solutions: WinCustomize . From the site you can download extra shadows for free, but for now there is a great variety. Just do not see how the initial 10 are not sufficient and leftover.

Clearly this is a very simple and aimed at a niche pretty picky users with the appearance of your system tool. If you really like the customization you probably want to take a look at ShadowFX .You can try for free for 30 days and if you decide you can not live without shadows behind your windows license costs just $ 4.99 in a single payment for life.


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