Send or share paid Android Apps with your family legally

Share Paid Android Apps
Do you have any paid Android app and want to share it with the family member without getting a legal notice? Learn how did I share paid Android Apps.

For my brother, I got new OnePlus X and he wanted to have few apps from Android store. Those apps were paid premium apps. And I already had bought those Android Apps on my OnePlus One. (Yes, we both own a OnePlus manufactured devices and its great). So instead of buying the same apps again, I thought of sharing those paid apps with him.

How did I share paid Android Apps? is it legal?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to share paid apps within own family members with the same billing address. You can share with you parents, siblings, spouse and even children. But it is illegal to share with any person outside your family like friends, neighbors, working colleague, etc.

Now let me tell you how I shared the paid apps. As I already bought apps using Google Wallet hence, these purchased apps are assigned with my Google Account. Now, wherever I access Google Play store, I can see those apps in my app list.

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Here are the steps I followed to install on Android mobile. (I am following this steps on my brothers smartphone)

  1. Go to Settings and hit on Accounts.
  2. Now hit on Add Account to add Google Account by signing in which has paid apps. (In my case, I added my Google Account).
  3. Make sure that you disable Auto-Sync options. As after adding the account, mobile apps like Gmail, Hangout, etc. will get auto synchronized.
  4. After successfully adding, Open Google PlayStore.
  5. Now you will be able to see two Google Account in PlayStore (ex: Mine and my brother’s).
  6. Select your account which has paid apps.
  7. Now, hit on My apps & games under Apps & Games tab in the sidebar pane.

    Google PlayStore -- My Apps & Games

    Google PlayStore — My apps & games

  8. Now you will be able to see two tabs, INSTALLED and ALL.
  9. Hit on ALL and you will be able to see the list of your Google PlayStore apps including the purchased apps and games.

    Google PlayStore All Apps

    Google PlayStore All Apps

  10. Select the App and get ready to Install on your family members smartphone. (like I did my paid apps on my brothers smartphone).
  11. Once all the installations are completed, remove your Google account from brothers smartphone.
  12. Now you follow the same steps to share paid Android Apps with your family members legally.

I hope you have not faced any problem which installation, please drop your thoughts in below comment box. I would love to hear you inputs.

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