Snowden says the NSA and its allies hacked the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world

Edward Snowden said that the NSA and its allies hacked Gemalto, known for being the largest manufacturer in the world SIM cards, so talking about a hack of SIM cards worldwide.

It is not the first time we heard of Edward Snowden , a former member of the NSA and the CIA who rose to fame after unveiling numerous and invasive procedures spying by the NSA and various allies that violated the privacy of individuals . And once again we hear the young American by The Intercept in a new and shocking revelation: both the NSA and its allies hacked Gemalto , known for being the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world .


This hack was produced in 2010 with the deployment of equipment Mobile Handset Exploitation Team (MHET) with members of the NSA and its British counterpart, the GCHQ ( Government Communications Headquarters ). Although the company Gemalto not sound like itself, it may seem more troubling implications this hack, as this company located in Amsterdam manufactures SIM cards for more than 450 telecommunications providers worldwide, so basically we are talking a global hack of SIM cards, and other grave violations against user privacy.

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According to the report filtering, encryption keys stolen for hacking SIM cards allowed intelligence agencies monitor communications via mobile without have to have permits of telecommunication providers,all without leaving a trace that neither own companies and security experts could detect . In fact, until it was informed through the media The Intercept who posted this information, the Gemalto itself had no knowledge of the infiltration, and after launching an investigation, has not been able to find any trace of hacking.

In addition, the filtered data suggest that intelligence agencies agreed to email accounts and Facebook telecom providers and manufacturers of SIM cards to find people who had access to the central servers to get Gemalto and encryption keys needed, so that the offense committed is even worse. And not just talking about a violation of existing data as encryption keys stolen allowed to decrypt communications agencies had previously acquired but could not code. In short, another highly questionable maneuver by NSA and allies on behalf of an alleged security guarantee citizens.

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