Submitting XML Sitemap into Google Webmaster Tools

XML Sitemap is submitted into Google Webmaster Tools for quick indexing of new articles and also re-index the modified articles with changes.

If you have created and awesome website with good design, layout and content but you didn’t intimated the Google Search crawlers about your content then it is simply waste of energy and time. Any new article or content that has be published on your website must be submitted to Google for indexing. This process of indexing and scheduling Google crawlers can be controlled by XML Sitemap of blog or website.

If you are using WordPress for posting new articles then this guide will help you to create and submit XML Sitemap. This XML Sitemap can be submitted from Google Webmaster Tools. So here is the procedure on submitting XML Sitemap:

Sitemap in Webmaster Tools

Sitemap in Webmaster Tools

  1. Login to Webmaster Tools, if you don’t have an GWT account then you check our guide on creating and adding website to Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. If you have newly added the website then you may have to get verify your ownership in GWT.
  3. If you are using WordPress then you can automatically generate XML Sitemap file using Plugins.
  4. Once you have generated the XML file, then Log into Google Webmaster Tools > click on Website > expand Crawl > click on Sitemaps (screenshot).
  5. Now on right side of Sitemap screen click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button (screenshot below).
  6. Enter the XML Sitemap URL and click on Test Sitemap button to check status of XML file.
  7. If there are no errors after testing, then again enter the sitemap URL and click on Submit Sitemap button.
Add XML Sitemap button in Google Webmasters Tool

Add XML Sitemap button in Google Webmasters Tool

Once you have submitted the XML sitemap file, you website will be ready to crawled by Google-bots. Based on priority and frequency, your website will be crawled and indexed  for Google Search Result.

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Note and Conclusion:

Now every new post or article that will be published on your blog will be submitted to Google crawler-bots for indexing and your website will get organic traffic for unique and awesome content.

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