Sway: the new approach from Microsoft to create presentations

Sway is a fully interactive Microsoft tool that lets you create presentations like never imagined.

For a long time say “presentations” was synonymous with saying “Power Point”.While it is true that PowerPoint was very important for creating such documents and in the past we could not thing any presentation without it but Microsoft recently checked it with announced the preview of a tool based on the cloud for creating presentations.


Sway is the new tool of the Office platform that will allow users to express their ideas in a different way.It is an interactive web-based tool with support for mobile devices and cloud storage, the results highlight on any screen as Sway does not use page breaks or slides, simply is a beautiful canvas where you can create anything.

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With its interactive platform,you can add content from almost any source (OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others under development) without switching between applications. On mobile devices is simple gestures familiar with using Sway, simply choose the source from which you want to import the contents then tap, drag and drop to start creating presentations like the one we show below.

Design effortlessly

In Sway exists functionality to give up control of presentation design in the hands of the application, the magic happens since you insert the first picture and write the first word, if the design does not convince you then you can modify it at any time by dragging and moving a complete set of elements. But do not worry, there are also designs display and “mood” (themes) that you can use in the same way like you do with the  Power Point . With Sway you can work with several people in the creation of a document , very useful for teamwork in school or office.

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While Microsoft continues to work on Sway, you can request an invitation to begin to try and send your feedback on what you liked, what you did not like or what you would like them to add.

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