Sway: The “super-PowerPoint” from Microsoft, now in public beta

Some users have become true masters of PowerPoint. They know every corner of the program and have developed a completely natural domain. However, what happens when Microsoft seems to be handling much better, with greater flexibility, advanced integration to the cloud, dynamic resource and shortcuts to social networking? The intention is clearly to try .Microsoft Sway has entered public beta phase and it looks pretty good.

Combining products is always complicated. Several companies have tried and the results were disastrous. Users like to keep things separate and often dedicated tools are preferable to a false wildcard falls short in each of its functions. But sometimes … things go well. Either that appear, at least. The example of Microsoft Sway is quite striking. At first glance, it is as if all products of Office package had been placed in a basket to create a new particle. The official term they have used the Redmond giant to describe Sway is “web app submission” . This led to specialized media to use words like “heir” or “replacement” of PowerPoint. With the huge popularity that PowerPoint has today placed on such a high pedestal to Sway so quickly seems exaggerated … or maybe not?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw-g6IuBVJE]

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The news is that everyone can resolve that doubt from now. Previously, access to Sway was by invitation, however, Microsoft revealed that since the submission of the preview , the application had over a million hits, and the amount of unsolicited invitations exceeded 175,000. Consequently,Microsoft Sway is now a public beta and all stakeholders need to enter is an account Live support.Sway can take content from multiple sources, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and of course internal services such as Bing and OneDrive, and once completed, all projects are shared easily using dedicated links.

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One of the most important details that we detected in the video Sway is that one of the users is developing its project on an iPad Mini. First, it is a good gesture from Microsoft recognize the impact they have had the products of its direct competitors and secondly, if the application supports iOS becomes sufficiently optimized, one can not help thinking that Sway could add a huge amount of users in a short time. Doubts, questions? True, we still have many of both. But Sway is there to be tested, bent, beaten and twisted. If you have problems finding better now as it is a beta.

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